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Insulated Wire Cord Crimp Connector Terminal is ideal for garages,auto electricians,mechanics,workshops etc..


Item F L W D C Quantity
AWG 10 (Green) 12mm 20.5mm 6mm 3.9mm 3.4mm 100Pcs
AWG 12 (Gray) 12mm 19.5mm 4.4mm 3.2mm 2.8mm 100Pcs
AWG 14 (Blue) 12mm 19.2mm 4mm 2.6mm 2.3mm 100Pcs
AWG 16 (Black) 10mm 16.4mm 3.5mm 2mm 1.7mm 100Pcs
AWG 18 (Red) 8mm 14.6mm 3mm 1.7mm 1.4mm 100Pcs
AWG 20 (White) 8mm 14.6mm 2.8mm 1.5mm 1.2mm 100Pcs
AWG 22 (yellow) 6mm 12mm 2.5mm 1.3mm 1mm 100Pcs
AWG 22 (Orange) 8mm 14mm 2.5mm 1.3mm 1mm 100Pcs

1. Can be ideal used in marine and automobile applications
2. Allows visual inspection, prevents corrosion, and provided a waterproof seal
3. For best results use a hot air gun until it reduces in size and the adhesive flows, filling gaps within the terminal.

Package Included:
800Pcs x Terminals
1 x box


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