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1. This has a wide range of functions. For example, it can be applied as the switches for the additional equipment inside & outside the vehicle.
2. For load under 3 Amp, you do not need a relay with this switch. For load above 3 Amps, we advise you to use of Automotive Relay
3. Easy setup. All you need is a 19mm hole and the switch will sit in nicely.
4. LED Latching on-off button.
Model: 489192
Material: Metal
Light Color : White/Yellow/Red/Green/Blue
LED Voltage: 12V only
Operation Type: Latching
Depth Inc Contacts: 40mm
Head Diameter: 22mm
Button Diameter: 14mm
Hole Size Required: 19mm
Switch Rating: 5A/250V AC
Contact Configuration: 1NO 1NC
Weight: 20g
Package Included:
1 X Led Blue Lighted Push Button Switch (Engine Start)

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