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-Easy installation, anti-reflective, and corrosion-resistant, anti-aging characteristics.
-Safe, non-conductive, to protect the cable away from the corrosion of chemical substances.
-Vehicles can pass through the protective cover to protect a range of cable and wire equipment.
-Thick materials, reduce noise while increasing the friction resistance, institutional stability.
-Usage: put the cable into the middle of the hole, so that it has the role of protection of the cable, it is also known as (cable protective sleeve).
-Mainly used in construction sites and to prevent the cable exposed to the outside of the work area.
Product name: Cable Sleeves
Material: PVC
Color: Black
Length: Approx. 1m/39.3", 2m/78.7", 3m/118", 4m/157", 5m/196", 10m/393"
Width: Approx. 67mm/2.63" , 82mm/3.22"
Package Included:
1 x Cable Sleeves

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